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VIP Website Builder a powerful application for small business website creation
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VIP Website Builder is a powerful application for small business website creation. Designed for small websites, the application offers many tools for anybody to generate a simple website, with all the possibilities any other site will have, and also a built-in FTP program for uploading a project to any Internet server.

The way the application is arranged ensures a very easy way to start personal, small business and affiliate websites. Starters and beginners will find this application very useful. This program includes practical templates to use with the normal reserved spaces for company name, logo, slogan, contents, copyright, etc. completely editable by the user, so (s)he can customize the site to obtain the desired final result. The application offers font selection for each editable space, color selection, template selection, etc. which means complete control on the website editing.

User doesn't need to have any HTML/CSS skills or programming experience. Almost everything is ready to use from the application. The program allows direct copy and paste operations to insert contents into the website. Images, hyperlinks, tables, media files, etc. can directly be added to the project very easily. Flash files can be easily added just by clicking on the desired Flash file and the application will take care of the requirements. Same thing with music backgrounds or media files to add.

Once the site is complete, the user can change templates to see the differences, and the contents won't be affected. The application also has a built-in spell checker that can be applied anytime to check or correct any written field. Company or website logos, copyright warnings, and slogans, can be added with a single mouse click. Search and highlight facilities included, that are very useful when the site pages are full of text. As stated above, the FTP function included eases the project uploading, without requiring an external program for this operation.

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